Do You Know the “REAL” Symptoms of Tiredness?

constantly tiredTiredness affects many of us everyday throughout the world. It is known that as many as 1 in 10 of us suffer from some form of tiredness and fatigue.

Tiredness and fatigue not only affects your ability to think and function properly throughout the day, it can also have negative effects on your health and overall lifestyle.

The most common symptom of tiredness, is actually feeling tired. However, most of us do not realize there is a problem, and assume it is normal to be tired most of the time due to having a hectic and stressful schedule.

Some effects are finding yourself falling asleep at your desk during the middle of work, or perhaps needing a nap once your home.

Other effects may even be feeling tired as soon as you wake up, and finding yourself hitting the snooze button on the alarm clock in the morning, hoping five more minutes will help and make you feel fully rested.

Another way to tell whether you are suffering from tiredness is if you find yourself not having the motivation to do anything and you start making up reasons not to do it. Whether it be getting up to do your weekly house cleaning, run errands, go to work or do the things you love doing. If you find yourself making up excuses then it is a good indication that tiredness is the cause.

Also another way to tell is if you find yourself not being able to concentrate on tasks,

If you find your not able to focus on a task at work, home, or school or find your mind wandering on something other than the task at hand, you may think your simply bored or don’t like doing that task, however if you never use to feel this way then it is most probably down to being tired.

There are many other symptoms of tiredness, such as having difficulty making decisions, or feeling depressed. But in general all these symptoms of tiredness can be relieved only once they are actually acknowledged for what they are.

It is hard when experiencing any of these symptoms to actually realize it is not normal to be this tired, and this is why it can sometimes take years before you start to address the issue.  However, as you are reading this right now, you have already started to address it which is the first step towards beating your tiredness and fatigue.

What You Can Do To Start Beating Your Tiredness Today…

At anytime during reading this post you have been able to relant to any of the symptoms above then it is a good chance that you are currently suffering from tiredness.

To help you get more of an understanding of your tiredness and help in curing it, I would recommend having a read of my well renowned “How To Stop Tiredness” Introductory course.  It goes into a lot more detail to help you get a firm understanding on what is causing your tiredness and what you need to do to prevent it.

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If you want to know about how I personally went about curing my tiredness go here - How I Cured My Tiredness - I believe that you will find it very useful and interesting and be able to relate to it in your current situation.

Well, this wraps up the post for today, I’ve really enjoyed writing it and I hope it has been helpful for you.

I’d love to know what you think so please leave your comments below. :-)

Talk soon,

Robert Higgins

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