What is Extreme Fatigue? 

In today’s busy world, it is fairly common for people to live a lifestyle that has them literally burning their metaphorical candle at both ends.  However, at some point when the hustle and bustle of life become too much too often, you can actually be suffering from a condition known as extreme fatigue! 

So, just what is extreme fatigue and how do you know if you are simply tired or are setting yourself up for a chronic condition that can negatively affect nearly every aspect of your life? 

Personally speaking, I had no idea that my moodiness, bouts of chronic annoying illnesses like colds and acne, and my constant inability to focus were symptoms of extreme fatigue.  I also assumed that age made it “normal” to become a little forgetful and that the stress I felt in my every day life was simply due to maintaining a busy lifestyle.

In fact, there are many other symptoms that people experience with extreme fatigue as well.  Some people have general weakness in the muscles as well as the early signs of depression.  Lack of focus, irritability, mood swings, and even loss of the menses in women can be signs of extreme fatigue as well.  And they don’t stop there. 

The truth is that when you don’t sleep properly – meaning that you don’t get enough sleep and that you don’t spend enough time in the rejuvenating deep sleep, your body is unable to rejuvenate at the cellular level.  This sets you up to become a breeding ground for illness and disease.  It also can steal the quality of your life and make you a literal ticking time bomb. 

There has been a lot of research into just how many people might be suffering from extreme fatigue and the statistics are alarming.  In people over the age of 18, it is estimated that 3/4ths of them are chronically tired and fatigued.  Put these folks behind the wheel of the car and the damage is similar to that of a drunk driver. 

The first step in diagnosing extreme fatigue is understanding what extreme fatigue is.  Just because you sleep, or spend all day on Sunday trying to recoup your sleep debt doesn’t mean that you are free from being a victim of extreme fatigue.  In fact, the human body depends on ample, quality sleep every single day in order to work properly.  If your sleep pattern is disrupted just two times in one week, the symptoms of extreme fatigue can set in.

The trick in overcoming extreme fatigue is not just going to bed earlier or sleeping more.   In fact, the best way for you to free yourself from extreme fatigue is to learn how to master your personal sleep patterns so that you can make the most of the rest you do get.  This process isn’t exactly simple or an overnight fix.  However, you will find that when you truly understand how to schedule your sleep so you can spend the most time in deep sleep and REM modes, you can actually sleep less and feel more energized.

For me, the first step was recognizing my personal sleep patterns so that I could find the optimal number of hours of sleep needed per night.  The second step was implementing a course of action that ensured I took my sleeping habits seriously, so that I could overcome the signs and symptoms of extreme fatigue.  In retrospect, it is hard for me to believe that I was living the way I was.  While I thought that I was just normal or perhaps overwhelmed with life responsibilities, the truth was that I wasn’t living at all.  Once the problem was corrected, and I had a full understanding of both extreme fatigue and how to fix it; I was able to improve the quality of my life tenfold.  And you can too! 

Don’t live with extreme fatigue.  If you are irritable, moody, find it difficult to focus, suffer from chronic illnesses, feel tired even after sleeping, experience weakness both physically and mentally or find yourself supplementing your energy with coffee or energy drinks, you are likely suffering from extreme fatigue. 

To help you on your path of curing extreme fatigue. I’ve written an introductory course talking all about what you can do to stop feeling tired and you can grab it completely free for a limited time. 

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That’s it for this post, I’ve really enjoyed making it and I hope it has been helpful for you.

Also I’d love to know if your currently suffering from any of the problems I’ve mentioned so please leave me a comment below – Thanks.

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Robert Higgins

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