Can’t Get To Sleep?

We’ve all found ourselves in bed, eager for some sleep but can’t switch off due to the thoughts running through our heads. Work, family, debt… all keep us awake at some point in our lives.

But now this technique could be the solution.

By simple repeating the word “the” can help you switch off and go to sleep.

Hear me out, I haven’t gone mad (I promise)

I know it sounds weird but it will work and here’s why.

It’s known as a blocking strategy. By saying the word ‘the’ at random moments it helps to block other thoughts coming into your head which stops your mind from racing from thought to thought.

However, if you start to say the word continuously, you stop thinking about what you are actually saying which then allows other thoughts to come back in.

It’s all a bit physiological but I promise you it works. I’ve tested it out for 2 weeks and it worked every time so test it out yourself.

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