Is Extreme Tiredness Affecting You?

You probably know you are tired!  Often, life depends on you being able to stay awake and literally spend as little time sleeping as possible just to accomplish everything you need to do in the course of a day.  But, what if I told you that you could be suffering from a condition called extreme tiredness and that it is possible to actually spend less time sleeping and feel more rested?

You might be wondering what is extreme tiredness?

Clinically speaking extreme tiredness is a condition where your body is deprived of restful, quality sleep for an extended period of time which causes illness and other chronic conditions to set in.  Long term, extreme tiredness can have an affect on every bodily function from adrenal performance to digestion.

The problem is that most people, especially those that considered themselves motivated and driven, feel that trading off sleep in order to accomplish things is just part of life.  Yet, when you have extreme tiredness, you are actually making yourself less productive and possibly gambling with becoming very sick.

For me, extreme tiredness set in when I got a job promotion.  I had to travel all over the country multiple times a week along with having to stay up late in order to finish projects in time for the deadline.  Then, add the family life to all of that and it seemed I just became habitually tired!  I felt helpless against it and truly didn’t think that there was any way around it.

What I didn’t know is that learning in depth information about my personal sleep patterns, and actually charting my sleep could be keystones to living a much happier and fulfilled life.  It wasn’t until I started researching myself I found that I could actually tweak my sleeping schedule and be able to sleep less, with more restful results – which made me finally decided to make some changes in my life.  And boy, am I glad I did. (click here to find out how you can tweak your sleeping schedule)

I won’t lie it took me a while to learn it.  I had to enlist the help of my family in order to go through the motions of learning about my sleep patterns.  But after that, things became much easier.  And I noticed that as I started taking my extreme tiredness seriously and working hard to fix it, many things in my life improved.

I started having more patience, was able to remember things more clearly, was much less stressed out, lost some weight (which was a bonus) which gave me the motivation and energy to exercise that in turn helped my overall health.  Sleeping properly and getting over the extreme tiredness were the catalyst that put me back on the path to a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

It is hard to explain to someone just what a difference quality sleep can make in your life.  Yet, I do know for sure that if you suffering from extreme tiredness, no matter how busy your lifestyle is – YOU CAN FIX IT!  And you should.  Not only will you see a drastic turnaround in the overall state of your health, but you will actually feel better emotionally and mentally as well.

So the all important question – Where do you start?

The best place to begin is to gain a basic understanding of both the causes and effects of extreme tiredness.  You can find all this here on my blog and by downloading my free introductory course on the right side of this page.  This will give you the foundation you need to get started and help get you on the right path to having more energy in the quickest time possible.

If you want to know my personal step-by-step plan I went through to cure my tiredness I recommend having a read of my program called Terminate Tiredness.  Here is the link to it – Terminate Tiredness Program

Believe it or not, you can live a busy lifestyle AND feel well rested and ready to face every new day with abundant energy.  The trick is learning how to sleep properly!  Once you understand the concepts behind sleep patterns and sleep quality and start feeling well rested every day, you will wonder how you have been surviving with your current conditions.

I’m living proof that in can be done so I hope this post has helped give you the motivation you need so you can start tackling your own tiredness.

If you have any questions then as always please leave your comments below.  I always like to hear from other sufferers so I can try and point them in the right direction.

Talk Soon,


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